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21 October 2014
Experts ISATIS has effectively implemented CRM software to provide better and faster customer support

Experts ISATIS management implemented the latest CRM (Customer Relation Management Software) as part of their commitment to provide better customer support, by constant employee development, thereby increasing our productivity & performance. CRM offer better serving to existing customers by developing tools like quotation tracker, Purchase Order Administrator, Delivery scheduler etc. CRM will help our sales force to improve internal processes within the business and personalizes the organization's external relationships. The CRM allow access to centralized customer data as well as e-mail templates that allows our sales force to quickly key in on important customer details and communicate effectively with customers when they need assistance with our services or products.

21 September 2016
EXPERTS ISATIS has signed an agency agreement with Shahid Sattari University for R&D new Energy

University Development Center is one of the R&D center for New Energy in Iran Approved us for new Research Knowledge Same As Solar Energy and Transfer the sun light to another durk location

6-9 May 2017
The 22nd Iran Oil ,Gas ,Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition

Oil & Gas Exhibithion